Dog bites are a very common occurrence during the holidays. One key reason is that everyone—including your dog—is stressed. The disruption of routines, new people coming into the home, different or unfamiliar interactions, more noise, and often, less exercise cause stress in dogs. Stressed dogs are less tolerant dogs. Stressed dogs are more likely to growl and bite. Unfortunately, most.. read more →

Ever wonder what your dog does when you’re not home? Fairly new to the market, treat dispenser cameras are providing dog owners with ways to interact and see their pets when they are away from home. The huge benefit is obviously dog owners can reassured that their dogs are not in distress. But there may.. read more →

For all items except books, here are the order-by dates for the 2016 holiday season. E-books are instantly downloaded when the payment is processed.  Check with Amazon to see when the shipping is for your area for The Dog Aggression System print book. Order on time for stress free holidays! Order by these dates so.. read more →

Unfortunately there are still many trainers using aversive methods to train dogs. Adverse methods are focused on the end behavior and ignore the emotional state of the dog. Not only is it unnecessary, the emotional state of the dog should always come first. But when it comes to trying to deal with or treat aggression.. read more →

If you are trying to treat an anxious, reactive or aggressive dog, you might know it’s critical to your dog’s success that your dog does not go “over threshold”. (To learn more about why, see more about how anxiety relates to aggression and why we need to treat it) and the importance of getting your dog’s.. read more →