We thought it might be interesting to look at Google Trends for the search data of the term “shock collar” vs “dog aggression” and “dog muzzle” by different English-speaking countries from 2004 to 2018.  We thought that potentially they might indicate general interest. We don’t know why these searches were made. For example, someone might.. read more →

Gut Flora and its role in health and disease One of the most interesting trends in research today is how bacteria influences human health. But the role that bacteria plays in keeping us healthy and protecting us from disease is vast and complex. When the balance of this bacteria world in our gut gets upset, it.. read more →

Research suggests that dogs are capable of making judgements based on our behavior. Is this something we can adapt for our shy, reactive or aggressive dogs or do they even have the same ability? Dogs Judge Unhelpful People It’s more likely that dogs aren’t capable of magic, but may be more in tune with behaviour.. read more →

Make sure you get your gifts under the tree in time this year! There are no deadlines for downloadable e-books.       2018 Holiday Order Deadlines USA Domestic SHIPPING METHOD ORDER DEADLINE Economy Nov 27 Standard Dec 4 Express Dec 5 Overnight Dec 7 Flat rate Nov 27   USA International SHIPPING METHOD CANADA.. read more →

Dog bites are a very common occurrence during the holidays. One key reason is that everyone—including your dog—is stressed.  Here are just some of the risk factors to keep an eye on. Stress is a precursor to aggression We all experience stress from time to time and a certain amount of it (called Eustress) is actually good.. read more →