Clicker training to make your dog more creative?  You got it! If you are new to clicker training, check out our introduction to clicker training article.  If you have started clicker training and understand the principal behind how it works, you might be interested in the video below. Teaching creativity is somewhat an advanced concept.. read more →

5 Reasons Why Leash Training Dogs is So Important We all would prefer that our dog doesn’t pull us, but here are some reasons why training your dog not to pull on a leash – or more accurately – training your dog to walk with a loose leash – is actually important. 1. When dogs.. read more →

We would all like to walk our dogs without having them pull us.  But how many of us realize that it’s not all that natural for some dogs to walk as slowly as we do? And beside us no less? How many off leash dogs have you seen go for a walk side by side.. read more →

Feeding your dog once a day is common for many dog owners. It’s convenient, for one thing. And when people think about how wolves feed in the wild: feast or famine, it’s easy to see how people might think that feeding once a day is perfectly acceptable. But dogs are not wolves.  Our dogs should.. read more →

How to Recognize if Your Dog Likes Tummy Rubs, Petting (and Other Helpful Tips)! Humans often misinterpret dog signals.  We think a tail wag means a dog is happy, that all dogs love to be petted, or a dog rolling over on his back wants a tummy rub.  Does your dog like belly rubs? Find out. Relaxed dogs look loose.. read more →