How to Recognize if Your Dog Likes Tummy Rubs, Petting (and Other Helpful Tips)! Humans often misinterpret dog signals.  We think a tail wag means a dog is happy, that all dogs love to be petted, or a dog rolling over on his back wants a tummy rub.  Does your dog like belly rubs? Find out. Relaxed dogs look loose.. read more →

As dog owners, it is no surprise to us that a dog’s behavior changes according to the situation they are in.  But researchers in Japan have discovered some subtleties in dogs’ facial expressions we may not know about.  Using a high-speed camera to study the subtleties in 12 different dogs they learned that there is significant interaction between the.. read more →

Clicker training can be a highly effective approach for many animals (dogs, chickens, horses, dolphins, etc.), but is especially useful for aggressive dogs. It is an extension of training many people instinctively already do: when the dog behaves in a way we find desirable, we give them a reward. In this case, the clicker let’s them.. read more →

You can buy the Gentle Leader almost anywhere now, including on Amazon. It is often recommended when dealing with or trying to control a lunging, pulling or aggressive dog. See more information on managing an aggressive dog with a head halter. Yet there are still a few dog owners (even some trainers) who haven’t learned.. read more →

Using a target stick is not essential for treating dog aggression.  However they can be very useful for training!  And training can be fun – especially this kind. It works by teaching the dog to touch the end of the target stick or pole. This way you can teach your dog to follow it.  This is useful for encouraging.. read more →