Statistically more children are seen by hospitals for dog bites than any other age group. It is simply far too easy for children to get bitten because they play with dogs the most and in ways that are more likely to alarm dogs.  In addition, they have less experience in reading the warning signs and are less able to defend themselves… read more →

Here are some charts show search trends around dog training collars and dog aggression. It certainly indicates the interested in shock collars is alive and well. What do these charts say to you? Shock collar search vs other searches trends for dog collars While the amount of people searching says nothing about why they are searching for.. read more →

While you may think your dog is aggressive because of the neighbour’s black dog or the guy wearing that crazy hat, it is now believed by the scientific community that anxiety or uncertainty underlies most dog aggression (1).  That anxiety or uncertainty in dogs underlies dog aggression is not immediately obvious. As a result it is overlooked unless you.. read more →

What to do when your Significant Others sabotages your dog training. I’ve got difficult challenging kids.  Both have been identified as intellectually “gifted”.  This mean their brains work on a different level – and I mean in other ways than just being “smart”.   They are highly sensitive, intense, argumentative, easily bored, and relentless about their.. read more →

This dog-training article about food motivation (see below) was written almost a year ago, and yet trainers still struggle with clients and others that insist their dogs are not food motivated (or worse – using food for training leads to euthanasia – yikes!) But seeing this article pop up on the K9aggression Facebook feed reminds.. read more →