Video chat with your dog?  There’s an app for that! Dogs are increasingly left alone for long periods of time as we go about our busy lives.  This is particularly difficult for dogs that experience separation anxiety.  But what if there was an invention that could help separation anxiety? The idea came from a 14.. read more →

Barking can be a big problem for people because it annoys the heck out of other people. This causes social conflict. There are different ways to tackle the problem of barking – and this does not even include punishment. But have you thought about why your dog is barking? This article on dog barking on.. read more →

Our new “Security Uniform” dog t-shirt was awarded “Top 10 Dog Apparel Views” for January 26, 2012 on Zazzle.  We can see why. It’s the perfect shirt for our barky, growly, reactive dogs, is it not? Security Uniform for Dogs by DogsThatNeedTherapyMore Dog Pet Clothing read more →

Most people find excessive dog barking very annoying. But barking is only a symptom of another problem. Understanding why your dog is barking is the first step toward controlling it. Dogs may bark from boredom to anxiety. The dog, the owner and the environment can all influence nuisance barking. Here are some of the potential reasons dogs bark:.. read more →