Video chat with your dog?  There’s an app for that! Dogs are increasingly left alone for long periods of time as we go about our busy lives.  This is particularly difficult for dogs that experience separation anxiety.  But what if there was an invention that could help separation anxiety? The idea came from a 14.. read more →

Can treats reinforce a dog’s fear or aggression? A person that posted a comment on our blog asked us such a good question in response to our article, 5 Harsh Realities of Treating Dog Aggression that we thought it was worth a blog post. The question came after a statement that treats can’t reinforce (strengthen.. read more →

On the surface treating dog aggression – if not a simple fix – can at least appear to be relatively straightforward. Teach your dog to do something that is incompatible with aggressive behavior. How hard can that be? Well, after the initial cycle of excitement and enthusiasm, there is the inevitable wake-up call to reality… read more →

We and our dogs are unable to pay full attention to more than one thing at a time. Outside of dogs that are aggressive toward their owners, it means that if you can hold your dogs attention, they will not be attention to whatever else he is becoming aggressive towards. Dogs that are not attending to the threats.. read more →

This dog was about to be euthanized because he was aggressive to kids and dogs.  See what happens when you blow in his face and watch what happens when he gets rewarded for this behavior in this video by Dr. Sophia Yin.  This is a must see for anyone who is counter-conditioning. read more →