Unfortunately there are still many trainers using aversive methods to train dogs. Adverse methods are focused on the end behavior and ignore the emotional state of the dog. Not only is it unnecessary, the emotional state of the dog should always come first. But when it comes to trying to deal with or treat aggression.. read more →

Video chat with your dog?  There’s an app for that! Dogs are increasingly left alone for long periods of time as we go about our busy lives.  This is particularly difficult for dogs that experience separation anxiety.  But what if there was an invention that could help separation anxiety? The idea came from a 14.. read more →

This dog-training article about food motivation (see below) was written almost a year ago, and yet trainers still struggle with clients and others that insist their dogs are not food motivated (or worse – using food for training leads to euthanasia – yikes!) But seeing this article pop up on the K9aggression Facebook feed reminds.. read more →

On the surface treating dog aggression – if not a simple fix – can at least appear to be relatively straightforward. Teach your dog to do something that is incompatible with aggressive behavior. How hard can that be? Well, after the initial cycle of excitement and enthusiasm, there is the inevitable wake-up call to reality… read more →

Training your aggressive dog to stop paying attention to something else and shift their to you will likely help to improve dog aggression. People with generalized social-phobia that have been trained to pay attention to non-threatening positive material and ignore threatening material, showed significantly greater reductions in self-reported, behavioral, and physiological measures of anxiety than.. read more →

Everyone who has a dog seems to have an opinion on how to handle dog behavior problems and aggression is at the top of the list. Here is some of the worst advice for handing aggression in dogs that you should avoid. Being dominant, being “pack leader”, “alpha”, “top dog”, etc.. Act like Cesar Milan.. read more →

We and our dogs are unable to pay full attention to more than one thing at a time. Outside of dogs that are aggressive toward their owners, it means that if you can hold your dogs attention, they will not be attention to whatever else he is becoming aggressive towards. Dogs that are not attending to the threats.. read more →

This is part 4 in our Environmental Enrichment series.  Part 1 talked about why it is important for aggressive dogs.  Part 2 discussed how to implements it.  Part 3 provided 15 examples to get your creative juices going.  Here in part 4, we talk about the importance of exercise and play, but also about some of.. read more →

  This is Part 3 of our Environmental Enrichment series where we give you 15 tips on how to mentally and sometimes physically stimulate your dog. Part 1 talks about how environmental enrichment can help reduce problems that contribute to dog aggression. Part 2 gives you an overview on how to incorporate environment enrichment into your dog’s.. read more →

This week we are going to focus on environmental enrichment from our upcoming book on dog aggression. Environmental enrichment is discussed when it comes to dogs in shelters, but we don’t often see it in regards to treating aggression. Part 1 will be on why Environmental Enrichment is important. Part 2 and part 3 will.. read more →