Feeding your dog once a day is common for many dog owners. It’s convenient, for one thing. And when people think about how wolves feed in the wild: feast or famine, it’s easy to see how people might think that feeding once a day is perfectly acceptable. But dogs are not wolves.  Our dogs should.. read more →

How to Recognize if Your Dog Likes Tummy Rubs, Petting (and Other Helpful Tips)! Humans often misinterpret dog signals.  We think a tail wag means a dog is happy, that all dogs love to be petted, or a dog rolling over on his back wants a tummy rub.  Does your dog like belly rubs? Find out. Relaxed dogs look loose.. read more →

As dog owners, it is no surprise to us that a dog’s behavior changes according to the situation they are in.  But researchers in Japan have discovered some subtleties in dogs’ facial expressions we may not know about.  Using a high-speed camera to study the subtleties in 12 different dogs they learned that there is significant interaction between the.. read more →

Clicker training can be a highly effective approach for many animals (dogs, chickens, horses, dolphins, etc.), but is especially useful for aggressive dogs. It is an extension of training many people instinctively already do: when the dog behaves in a way we find desirable, we give them a reward. In this case, the clicker let’s them.. read more →

You can buy the Gentle Leader almost anywhere now, including on Amazon. It is often recommended when dealing with or trying to control a lunging, pulling or aggressive dog. See more information on managing an aggressive dog with a head halter. Yet there are still a few dog owners (even some trainers) who haven’t learned.. read more →

If we like dogs, we love to pet them.   And we take it for granted that dogs like being petted, too. In fact some studies show that pet petting can be relaxing for both animals and humans.  But do all of them love it?  Do they always enjoy it every time?  How can we.. read more →

Here are some charts show search trends around dog training collars and dog aggression. It certainly indicates the interested in shock collars is alive and well. What do these charts say to you? Shock collar search vs other searches trends for dog collars While the amount of people searching says nothing about why they are searching for.. read more →

While you may think your dog is aggressive because of the neighbour’s black dog or the guy wearing that crazy hat, it is now believed by the scientific community that anxiety or uncertainty underlies most dog aggression (1).  That anxiety or uncertainty in dogs underlies dog aggression is not immediately obvious. As a result it is overlooked unless you.. read more →

What to do when your Significant Others sabotages your dog training. I’ve got difficult challenging kids.  Both have been identified as intellectually “gifted”.  This mean their brains work on a different level – and I mean in other ways than just being “smart”.   They are highly sensitive, intense, argumentative, easily bored, and relentless about their.. read more →

PREVIOUS Step 5: Ask: imagine what it would be like if they had already done it.   What would the positive outcomes be?  If you work with people to train their dogs, it’s inevitable that you eventually are going to run someone who just doesn’t seem to want to do what you are suggesting. Sometimes it’s because they have a prior.. read more →