Many people don’t know how to read the signs of stress in dogs.  And often, there are too many signs happening so quickly to even catch them all.  If you were to focus on only three signs, the following three might be the most easy to recognize. Licking lips It is amazing how often dog’s.. read more →

This dog was about to be euthanized because he was aggressive to kids and dogs.  See what happens when you blow in his face and watch what happens when he gets rewarded for this behavior in this video by Dr. Sophia Yin.  This is a must see for anyone who is counter-conditioning. read more →

Just found this video that shows a dog figuring out how to turn on a light switch and is a good example of how to “shape” behavior with a clicker (your dog needs to know what the clicker sound means – easy to teach tho). Great for mental stimulation and you can train other things.. read more →

More favorites. read more →

Most people find excessive dog barking very annoying. But barking is only a symptom of another problem. Understanding why your dog is barking is the first step toward controlling it. Dogs may bark from boredom to anxiety. The dog, the owner and the environment can all influence nuisance barking. Here are some of the potential reasons dogs bark:.. read more →

More on social cognition: The takeaway from the paper: Social cognition in the domestic dog: behaviour of spectators towards participants in interspecific games is that spectator dogs preferred to approach the winner of the games opposed to approaching either winner or loser of a competition. This is a really interesting study on a number of levels. But.. read more →

Dogs are better than monkeys when it comes to reading our social cues to find hidden food and according to this study, Human-like Social Skills in Dogs?, are “unusually skilled as reading human social and communicative behavior”. Yet in a study with selectively bred foxes who were not selected for this skill, but bred to.. read more →

Dogs pay attention to whether their owners are paying attention to them. Dogs stayed lying down most often or for the longest time when owners were watching them, compared to when the owner was reading a book, watching TV, etc., Dogs will be more likely to beg from a person paying attention to them, as well.. read more →

Have you actually paid attention – do you know what paw preference your dog has, if any? Some studies suggest (1) that female dogs might be more right-pawed on average, while males tend to be left-pawed, and some studies suggest preference might be flexible depending on the circumstances. (2) However, dogs without a significant paw preference.. read more →