FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

(And less frequently asked questions)

    Below are some of the questions we have been asked and some of the questions we hope will make your experience smoother.

    On dog aggression

  1. 1
    Can dog aggression be cured?

    Dog aggression is only a behavior, it is not a diagnosis. All dogs have the potential to behave aggressively, just as all people have the potential to lose their temper. However, the majority of dog aggression problems can be improved to the extent that the owners are happy to keep them.

  2. 2
    How do I fix my dog?
    Most dog aggression or reactivity can be improved. It may involved a number of strategies. Treating dog aggression is a good place to start learning about it.
  3. 3
    Does offer training services?
    Unfortunately does not offer training services. We are an online entity only.
  4. 4
    Can recommend a trainer?
    All can do it point you in the direct of various reputable organizations in order to help you find someone who can help. However, you will still need to do your research to determine if who you find is qualified to help you. There is no way for us to tell if trainers use punishment or coercive techniques even if they claim to be a positive reinforcement trainers.
  5. 5
    Can rescue or re-home aggressive dogs? can not re-home aggressive dogs, nor are we involved in rescue. Unfortunately many rescue organizations will not take aggressive dogs, either. Check here for more information on rehoming your dog. If you are interested, you might also want to check out treatment methods for dog aggression.
  6. E-books and Shirts

  7. 6
    How does ordering an e-book work?
    1. To order an  ebook, add the product to your cart on the site.  You should see what you have ordered in the top links at the top of any page.
    2. Proceed to checkout where you enter in your personal details, including a valid email address where a download link to the e-book will be sent.You do not need an account with PayPal to use your credit card through PayPal. We ask that you do not enter in any credit card information on the site.  All credit card payments are handled securely by Pay Pal.  You can choose at this time whether you would like to order your book as a guest or sign up for an account.  If you sign up for an account, you can download any updates to the book within your account page as they are made available.
    3. Once you place your order you will be sent to Pay Pal where you can choose to securely pay by credit card, or by your Pay Pal account, etc. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay by credit card through PayPal.
    4. Upon receiving confirmation of payment, you will automatically be sent an email from to the email address you entered during checkout. You should receive this email automatically within minutes of placing your order.  If you do not receive this email in a few minutes, check any email filtering you have, including spam or junk folders.   If you have been redirected to site from Pay Pal you may also see a download link in the Order Received confirmation page if your payment has cleared.
    5. Click your personal link in the body of the email: this will automatically start the pdf of the ebook download automatically.  Some browsers will open and ask you if it is okay to download the file.  For example, users of Chrome may see a notification at the bottom of their browser window, This browser feature is to protect you in case you have accidentally clicked an automatic download of harmful files in a spam email.  Simple select “Yes”, “Save”, “Keep” etc. and the file will continue to download. If you are ordering through an Ipad, please see the link below as iPad’s do not have a feature to unzip files from the web.
    6. If you have created an account, you will see your list of available downloads as well.
    7. If you have not receive an email shortly after your payment has cleared, please check your email spam or junk folders.

    Your security and privacy are very important to us.  Our secure server software (SSL) encrypts all details, ensuring no one will ever gain access to your private information. The e-book is in a pdf format, so you can open your e-book up with any reader that supports the pdf format.  You will need to unzip the file first.

  8. 7
    I received confirmation of my order from PayPal, but haven’t received my download link for my book. What do I do?

    Our system sends a link automatically to the ebook to the email you provided on your order, once your payment has cleared but sometimes it gets identified as spam.  If you have not received it after a reasonable time, please check your junk mail folder or spam folder.  You may have to do this on your computer or with your provider.

    Note: If you use Hotmail, Hotmail might be preventing you from recieiving emails from us.  This guide might help you: I am a HOTMAIL User and I Can’t Receive Emails

    Additionally, you can also download the book from the “Thank you/order received” confirmation page that you are re-directed to after paying on PayPal if you allow PayPal redirect you back the the site. If you close the window this can’t happen

    Alternatively, if you signed up for an account when you ordered, you can also download your book from your account page.

    If after this you still can’t get your book, please use our contact form to contact us and include your nam and order number. Make sure you have white-listed so we can reply to you! Alternatively, contact us through the Facebook page !

  9. 8
    What format are the ebooks?

    As there are so many different readers and devices we opted to create the e-books in the popular and universal pdf format. You can read this on any device that can read pdfs such as a computer, or iPad.  Unfortunately we do not have a Kindle version at this time.

  10. 9
    When I click the link nothing happens.
     Clicking the link does not open a window, but instead downloads the file directly to your download folder on your computer. Check your default downloads folder for the file. The file is a compressed pdf in a zip format. However, if you are on an iPad, the process is different.
  11. 10
    Why are the PDF files zipped? I don’t have an application to unzip files.
    We zip the file so that your pdf does not just open in your browser. People weren’t saving their pdf and when they closed the browser they lost their file. Zipping the file automatically downloads to your computer. But don’t worry, there are lots of free applications on the internet to unzip files if your computer doesn’t have one! 
  12. 11
    How can I read my e-book on my iPad or my iPhone?
    Once you have downloaded the e-book to your computer, you will need to unzip the file.

    If you are an iPad user: you can use either option to unzip your file:

    1. Download your file to a computer to unzip the file using any decompression program and then transfer them to your iPad (using iTunes or Dropbox app). To add your file using iTunes using your computer, Select “File” from the iTunes menu and choose “Add to Library”.  Once imported, you will see your e-book under “Books” in iTunes on your computer. Then you synch iTunes with your device. Although the book has been formatted for larger screens it is still possible to read your book on an iphone, but you may have to zoom in.  Alternatively:
    2. Obtain a decompression app that can open zip files through the Apple App Store to unzip the file on your iPad.
  13. 12
    Can I print my e-book?

    Our ebooks are published under Digital Rights Management (DRM) to safeguard against copyright infringement as well as to protect consumers from downloading pirated versions infected with viruses. This is standard practice in ebook publishing. Unfortunately this means you can’t print the ebook. If you require a print version of the book, please purchase the print version.

  14. 13
    Can I get a refund on my e-book?

    If you have been sent an email with a link to an ebook, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund because there is no way for the customer to return the ebook back to us.  This policy is in place to prevent fraud.

  15. 14
    How can I access my account?

    We don’t require you to sign up or an account. However, if you signed up for an account when you bought an ebook, you can use the link at the top right-hand side of the webpages to access your account and download your ebook.

  16. 15
    Do you share my information with anyone?
    Absolutely not!   Your privacy is important to us. Any personal information you provide to us including and similar to your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of

  17. 16
    How does ordering a shirt or apparel item work?
    Choose your shirt or cap, etc, choose your color and size if applicable. Make sure to check the measurements for shirts.  You then proceed to check-out. You do not need an account with PayPal to use your credit card through PayPal. Once your payment has cleared you will get a notification that we have received your order.  Once it ships you should get another confirmation.

    Shipping is determined by your choice of shipping methods and IP location and then is updated when you enter your actual shipping address. Be sure to enter the correct contact information when ordering. We cannot ship to a Post Office Box.

    Your shirt is then individually printed by our printers and shipped to you!

  18. Website

  19. 17
    How can I contact you
    You can use our contact form on the site, However, if for whatever reason there is a technical glitch, please contact us through the Faceook page.

  20. 18
    Who is involved in the site?
    There are several volunteers that help to run this site and other communication sites (such as K9aggression’s properties on Facebook and Twitter) at any one time, and they may live in different parts of the world.   Many of the volunteers who have been involved in the site have wished to remain anonymous, and we respect that.  We hope this encourages you to look into the validity of any advice you receive, here or anywhere else on the internet!

  21. 19
    Can I copy the information on the site and use it on my own site or give it to my clients?

    We love the fact that you find our content useful! You can certainly link to our site. However, all of the content on our site is copyrighted which means you are limited in how you can use it for your own purposes. Please refer to our content usage guidelines.