dog faceThis is great! We all can participate anonymously in this study on how owner personality affects a pet dog’s behavior by filling in this online questionnaire.  The results will help dog owners understand the influence they are having on their dogs. Knowing this will allow us to modify our interactions in a positive way. This is particularly important when we are dealing anxious or aggressive dogs.

PARTICIPATE: Animal Ownership Interaction Study

For example, in this research study:
Interactions between Handler Well-Being and Canine Health and Behavior in Search and Rescue Teams looked at human handlers and dog in search rescue teams over time and found some interesting things. They found that the dog handlers that experienced post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression within six months of the the attacks predicted separation anxiety, attachment/attention seeking, chasing, and excitability in the dog at 1 year.

The Difference between Life and Death for Dogs

Distress in the handler at two years was strongly associated with dogs that experienced separation anxiety, aggression towards other dogs, and aggression towards strangers. Other research has suggested this well: distress in people is correlated with with escalating behavioural problems in their dogs. Correlations have also been found between personality types and the tendency to see dogs has being less responsive. If people can understand how dogs are being influenced by what kind of behavior, it just might be the difference between life and death for many dogs.

In addition this research can help potential new dog owners determine which dogs they are more likely to be compatible with. That would allow greater relationship success and happiness and as a result reduce the number of dogs that are given away or euthanized.Dog high fiving woman

Dr Nicolas Dodman and Dr James Serpell are spearheading this study.  They are both long-established Board certified veterinary behaviorists who have conducted and written numerous studies and papers n canine behavior. Dr. Serpell was also involved in the C-BARQ project that looked at personality traits in dogs and breeds. This project collected data in a similar way and is still is available to those working with dogs who have with an interest in screening dogs for the presence and severity of behavioral problems.

You Can Participate in the Largest Canine Behavior Study Ever

The Animal Ownership Interaction study will be the world’s largest dog-owner personality-behavior study ever conducted. This is important as the greater amount of data collected the more accurate the results will be.

For those participating in the study, membership in the Center for Canine Behavior Studies and participation in the study is FREE and has benefits, such as a free Dognition Assessment by Canines, Inc. and access to the Ask Dr. Dodman blog.

There are some prerequisite criteria for participating that are made clear during the participant registration process. For example, Participants must be at least 18 years old and have owned their dog for more than 6 months.

PARTICIPATE: Animal Ownership Interaction Study