Dog Training Stand Back T-shirt


Dog Training Keep Away T-shirt

Keep people at a reasonable distance while you work with your dog.

People or dogs coming too close before your dog is ready can un-do all the progress your dog is making. The “Dog Training – Stand Back 10 feet” t-shirt helps communicate to people that they should keep a reasonable distance while you are working with your dog.

Good for people who are working with:

  • Dogs who can remain calm with others within a reasonable distance but still need their space.
  • Dogs who prefer not to be approach directly.



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Dog Training – Stand Back 10 Feet T-shirt


  • 100% combed and ring-spun cotton
  • Baby-knit jersey
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
  • Cover stitched and hemmed sleeves

Don’t know what color to choose?

  • Choose White if you are working on warm or hot days or at night.
  • Choose Black if you are working on cooler days. Black is associated with authority.
  • Choose Red or Yellow to increase your chance of being seen by others. Red and Yellow are colours associated with caution and danger.
  • Not currently not offered in heather-grey as seen here, but if you would like one, drop us a note, it is simple to set up.



*What is the difference between ring-spun cotton and standard cotton?

Ring-spun cotton is made by continuously twisting and thinning the cotton strands, which makes a very fine rope of cotton fibers. This means that ring-spun cotton results in a stronger weave and a significantly softer feel.

What is combed cotton?

Combed cotton is a process where shirt fibers are removed in order to be used for a higher quality fabric with a high thread count.

Size Guide

S 28 18 34-37
M 29 20 34-37
L 30 22 42-46
XL 31 24 46-49
2XL 32 26 50-53
3XL ** 33 ** 28 ** 54-57 **
4XL ** 34 ** 30 ** 58-63 **


** PLEASE NOTE: Our supplier currently does not have these sizes in stock.  3XL is available as a different brand. please contact us if you are interested in this print in a size 3XL.


Washing all your printed T-shirts inside out and in cold water, then hanging them to dry will keep your print looking its best!

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White, Black, Gold, Red


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