• Clicker training: an introduction

    Clicker training: an introduction

    Clicker training can be a highly effective approach for many animals (dogs, chickens, horses, dolphins, etc.), but is especially useful for aggressive dogs. It is an extension of training many people instinctively already do: when the dog behaves in a way we find desirable, we give them a reward. In this case, the clicker let’s the…

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  • [VIDEO] How to Fit the Gentle Leader Like a Pro

    You can buy the Gentle Leader almost anywhere now, including on Amazon. It is often recommended when dealing with or trying to control a lunging, pulling or aggressive dog. See more information on managing an aggressive dog with a head halter. Yet there are still a few dog owners (even some trainers) who haven’t learned…

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  • [VIDEO] Make a Target Stick Work For You

    Using a target stick is not essential for treating dog aggression.  However they can be very useful for training!  And training can be fun – especially this kind. It works by teaching the dog to touch the end of the target stick or pole. This way you can teach your dog to follow it.  This is useful for encouraging…

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  • [VIDEO] What Everyone Ought to Know About Petting Dogs

    [VIDEO] What Everyone Ought to Know About Petting Dogs

    If we like dogs, we love to pet them.   And we take it for granted that dogs like being petted, too. In fact some studies show that pet petting can be relaxing for both animals and humans.  But do all of them love it?  Do they always enjoy it every time?  How can we…

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  • Dog and Toddler Safety: How to prevent bites

    Dog and Toddler Safety: How to prevent bites

    Statistically more children are seen by hospitals for dog bites than any other age group. It is simply far too easy for children to get bitten because they play with dogs the most and in ways that are more likely to alarm dogs.  In addition, they have less experience in reading the warning signs and are less able to defend themselves.…

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  • Is the interest in shock collars on the rise? What do search trends tell us?

    Here are some charts show search trends around dog training collars and dog aggression. It certainly indicates the interested in shock collars is alive and well. What do these charts say to you? Shock collar search vs other searches trends for dog collars While the amount of people searching says nothing about why they are searching for…

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  • How anxiety relates to dog aggression and why we need to treat it

    How anxiety relates to dog aggression and why we need to treat it

    While you may think your dog is aggressive because of the neighbour’s black dog or the guy wearing that crazy hat, it is now believed by the scientific community that anxiety or uncertainty underlies most dog aggression (1).  That anxiety or uncertainty in dogs underlies dog aggression is not immediately obvious. As a result it…

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