Typically when a dog owner first researches whether medication could be used for aggression, they learn there are a number of medications that could be used.  Which medication is best? Which medication(s) your dog will best respond to depends on the diagnosis, because aggression is only a symptom of an underlying problem, not a diagnosis.. read more →

While you may think your dog is aggressive because of the neighbour’s black dog or the guy wearing that crazy hat, it is now believed by the scientific community that anxiety or uncertainty underlies most dog aggression (1).  That anxiety or uncertainty in dogs underlies dog aggression is not immediately obvious. As a result it is overlooked unless you.. read more →

This dog-training article about food motivation (see below) was written almost a year ago, and yet trainers still struggle with clients and others that insist their dogs are not food motivated (or worse – using food for training leads to euthanasia – yikes!) But seeing this article pop up on the K9aggression Facebook feed reminds.. read more →

On the surface treating dog aggression – if not a simple fix – can at least appear to be relatively straightforward. Teach your dog to do something that is incompatible with aggressive behavior. How hard can that be? Well, after the initial cycle of excitement and enthusiasm, there is the inevitable wake-up call to reality… read more →

Most people find excessive dog barking very annoying. But barking is only a symptom of another problem. Understanding why your dog is barking is the first step toward controlling it. Dogs may bark from boredom to anxiety. The dog, the owner and the environment can all influence nuisance barking. Here are some of the potential reasons dogs bark:.. read more →

Dogs are better than monkeys when it comes to reading our social cues to find hidden food and according to this study, Human-like Social Skills in Dogs?, are “unusually skilled as reading human social and communicative behavior”. Yet in a study with selectively bred foxes who were not selected for this skill, but bred to.. read more →