• How to Improve Dog Barking – Creatively!

    How to Improve Dog Barking – Creatively!

    Barking can be a big problem for people because it annoys the heck out of other people. This causes social conflict. There are different ways to tackle the problem of barking – and this does not even include punishment. But have you thought about why your dog is barking? This article on dog barking on…

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  • Crazy dog at the door?  Trick or treat!

    Crazy dog at the door? Trick or treat!

    Hallowe’en comes every year.  If you have a dog that goes crazy at the door, Halloween is a nightmare.  At best you can hope to take your dog somewhere else where there are no tricker-treaters (good luck!).  Or perhaps you can hide out in your house with the house dark as if no one is…

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  • Control Barking

    Control Barking

    Most people find excessive dog barking very annoying. But barking is only a symptom of another problem. Understanding why your dog is barking is the first step toward controlling it. Certainly many dogs bark when someone is at the door. This is the equivalent of a dog warning its pack that there are approaching strangers or possible intruders.…

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