Content Usage Guidelines

Our site is dedicated to spreading the word about dog aggression and it’s treatment, because we want happier and healthier dogs, and happier and safer people.  What to share our content?  Here’s how:

  • Share links to our content by email and social media with a link back to our site.  You can help us to educate people!
  • You may also reference or quote any of our text based content up to 75 words as long as you attribute as the source.
  • You cannot republish any of our text based content over 75 words because search engines penalize duplicate content and lowers ours (and yours for that matter) rankings.  Search engine rankings are very important to us, because that helps us spread the word.
  • You cannot use our content for the sale of any materials, for advertising or promotions.  In other words, you can’t use our content to make money.
  • On a limited basis we may make special considerations for trainers looking for content for client handouts, but you must contact us directly through our contact form to get express permission.

Although most fo our content is publicly available, our content is not in the public domain.  Our content is copyrighted as soon as it is published and is protected by copyright law.  It continues to be copyrighted even after the content is removed.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more.





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