Where to Buy DNA Test Kits for Dogs

The Wisdom Panel kits are considered to be the best on the market with the largest database and breed list. Also, it is the only one doing MDR1 drug sensitivity screening.

You can buy the Wisdom Panel 2.0 at pet store retailers.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 is now available and can be only currently obtained online the writing. Make sure that you are buying 3.0 and not 2.0. Not all e-retailer online have updated their catalogues.

Typically Amazon has had the best prices and currently carries Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit. Petsmart is not yet up to date on their products and still shows 2.0. Petco no longer appears to carry the Wisdom Kits. You can also buy from Mars Veterinary, but it is usually cheaper to buy from Amazon.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit is suitable for:

  • What breed your mixed-dog has descended from
  • What size your mixed breed puppy is likely to become
  • Whether your pure bred dog is completely pure-bred
  • Whether your dog has been recently mixed with wolves or coyotes (Wisdom panel 3.0 only)
  • MDR1 testing

How reliable is the DNA test?

The DNA test was developed by geneticists and has been used in several different scientific studies. repeated testing of a dog’s sample and review by independent third party specialists, geneticists, and leading authorities on canine genetics. The more pure the dog is the easier it is to identify the pedigree.  However the more mixed a dog is, understandably, the more difficult. Parents are more easy to determine than grandparents and grandparents are more difficult to determine than great grandparents.  Some breeds were bred less for form than for function, and may vary genetically more than others.

Wisdom Panel 2.0

The Wisdom Panel 2.0 DNA test is considered to be 90% accurate (1), however it is difficult to guarantee the accuracy as it depends on the quality of the sample.   The test is a detailed analysis that finds the best 5 breed matches based on genetic signatures within the DNA code.  It is based on a database of over 13,000 dogs and over 200 different breeds (all of the breed in the AKC).  According to Patricia McConnell, applied animal behaviorist who spoke with two of the top people at Mars Veterinary, each dog’s analysis requires 7 millions runs that looks at 321 markers.

Wisdom Panel 3.0

Cover 250+ breeds  types, and varieties (now including wolves and coyotes  up from 200 in the previous tests which means there is more accuracy than the previous tests. Currently the test looks at 1800 markers.

In addition this test tests whether there is a mutation in the MDR1 gene. Dogs with this mutation are unable to limit the absorption and distribution of many drugs. This is especially relevant to herding or mixed-breed dogs with herding breed ancestry.

For more information on how DNA tests work, check out the video in the article Health and Your Mixed-breed Dog: Can Science Predict Future Problems?

Can I get a “No Result”

You can!  These means your dog is such a complicate dmix of genes that the computers cannot find any definitive match.  In this case, if you were truly disappointed, Mars would be willing to refund you money.  But it is not because the test didn’t work.  It likely means that your dog has come from a long line of mixed dogs and is truly one-of-a-kind!


(1) Lau E, Dog breed genetic tests put to the test, Veterinary Information Network News Service, 2012