Sometimes you think you know what your dog is, sometimes you take a quiz, but to be sure you may think you have to ask your vet: “What breed is my dog”?  But guess what? Studies have proven that the most expert dog people only guess what the predominant breeds are in a dog around 25%.. read more →

Where to Buy DNA Test Kits for Dogs The Wisdom Panel kits are considered to be the best on the market with the largest database and breed list. Also, it is the only one doing MDR1 drug sensitivity screening. You can buy the Wisdom Panel 2.0 at pet store retailers. Wisdom Panel 3.0 is now available and.. read more →

If you know anything about how dog breeds evolved, you would know that modern dog breeds have been established through generations of selective breeding. Breeders would identify desirable traits, such as retrieving, protection, companionship, herding, etc. They would then breed pairs of dogs that showed the most potential for these features. Over time, very distinct breeds.. read more →