Unfortunately there are still many trainers using aversive methods to train dogs. Adverse methods are focused on the end behavior and ignore the emotional state of the dog. Not only is it unnecessary, the emotional state of the dog should always come first. But when it comes to trying to deal with or treat aggression.. read more →

Of course we rely on our voice to communicate to other that they should keep their distance. However there are some of the pitfalls dog handlers run into that sometimes makes this simple solution not so simple. Pitfalls Sometimes simply you don’t see others coming. You may miss someone if you are looking at your dog, reaching for.. read more →

Clicker training to make your dog more creative?  You got it! If you are new to clicker training, check out our introduction to clicker training article.  If you have started clicker training and understand the principal behind how it works, you might be interested in the video below. Teaching creativity is somewhat an advanced concept.. read more →

5 Reasons Why Leash Training Dogs is So Important We all would prefer that our dog doesn’t pull us, but here are some reasons why training your dog not to pull on a leash – or more accurately – training your dog to walk with a loose leash – is actually important. 1. When dogs.. read more →

We would all like to walk our dogs without having them pull us.  But how many of us realize that it’s not all that natural for some dogs to walk as slowly as we do? And beside us no less? How many off leash dogs have you seen go for a walk side by side.. read more →

Using a target stick is not essential for treating dog aggression.  However they can be very useful for training!  And training can be fun – especially this kind. It works by teaching the dog to touch the end of the target stick or pole. This way you can teach your dog to follow it.  This is useful for encouraging.. read more →

Barking can be a big problem for people because it annoys the heck out of other people. This causes social conflict. There are different ways to tackle the problem of barking – and this does not even include punishment. But have you thought about why your dog is barking? This article on dog barking on.. read more →

Training your aggressive dog to stop paying attention to something else and shift their to you will likely help to improve dog aggression. People with generalized social-phobia that have been trained to pay attention to non-threatening positive material and ignore threatening material, showed significantly greater reductions in self-reported, behavioral, and physiological measures of anxiety than.. read more →