Predatory Aggression related to small animals include two types: Dogs that stalk, stare at or silently pursue small animals, (including dogs), and sometimes infants, and those who chase moving objects such as bicycles, etc., although some dogs exhibiting this behavior may be exhibiting territorial behavior. For example, dogs that bark and discontinuing the chase once out of the dog’s territory is not characteristic of predatory behavior.

Stealth is an element of hunting behavior and is considered more dangerous since the intent is to kill. This problem can not be treated easily. However if there is a problem within the home with a baby or other pet, these dogs can go to other homes and not be euthanized. Predatory behavior with small animals does not guarantee the dog will react inappropriately with infants, but indicates the dog is at risk for such problems. These dogs should never be off lead, unsupervised, or confined in an area where other animals might cross.

**Aggression categories compiled from:

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