Foods That Can Poison Your Dog This Holiday Season [Infographic]

Your dog is more likely to get food poisoning between Christmas and New Year’s than any other week of the year! It is not just that there is more food around. People are more compromised over the holidays. We are distracted, stressed, and routines and habits are disrupted. Garbage gets left out.  Food is left our on the table or counter.  Food falls to the floor.  Children walk around with treats.  Plus, we tend to have more people in our home which means we have to supervise them along with our dog.

However being prepared can go a long way towards helping your dog get through the holidays safely.  Here are some common food items that cause problems around the holiday season.  Think about how you can protect your dog, and what steps you can take to let your guests know what to do as well.  Please share to keep our dogs safe!

 Foods That Can Poison Your Dog This Holiday Season

Dogs often get food poisoning during the holidays infographic