Should You Euthanize Your Aggressive Dog? e-booklet (46 pgs)


Dog aggression is the most common behavioral problem in dogs and one of the most common reasons that people euthanize dogs outside of old age and health concerns.  By the time most people visit a veterinary behaviorist, most have been told to euthanize their dog by someone – even when it is possible to improve that dog’s aggressive behavior.

The question is, do you actually need to euthanize your dog for aggression?   What factors indicate how effective treatment might be for your dog?  What do you need to consider before working with your dog or deciding to go ahead with euthanasia?  Deciding to euthanize a dog for aggression should not be a rushed decision.  This book will help guide you as you explore your options.

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How do you know if you should euthanize your dog for aggression?  What do you need to know before making this drastic decision so you can be sure you are doing the right thing?  This book won’t tell to euthanize your dog, nor should it. It also should not replace professional help because your situation is unique. But it will give you a perspective that will help inform your decision as you move to the next step.

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46 pages

The Should You Euthanize Your Aggressive Dog? e-booklet is divided into three separate parts

  • Part One looks the issues relating to your unique situation that can influence or should influence your decision whether to euthanize a dog for aggression or not.
  • Part Two discusses aspects that are related to the potential your dog has to improve his or her behavior, and/or the potential to cause harm.
  • Part Three discusses what is next once you have made your decision.

About the Author

Jackie Ferrier has both owned aggressive dogs and spent more than a decade researching aggression in dogs. She knows how difficult it is to consider the euthanasia option. In 2001 Jackie founded to help other dog owners help their dogs and spent several years moderating a support group for owners of aggressive dogs. She was previously an affiliate member with the Animal Behavior Society and a supporting member the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and continues to stay up to date on research.