7 products (you’ll want) for the dog owner on your list

Think they have it all? Guess again! Here are some of the most innovative products you will find this season.

We are an Amazon Affiliate which allows us to earn a small commission at no cost to you, should you decide to buy anything. But as you can get anything on Amazon, we decide to put our collective heads based on our dog owner groups to come together to come up with a list of innovative and tested products for that special dog or dog owner (dog guardian?) in your life.

Here are some amazing products you may not know about!

Embark Dog DNA Test

DNA testing (#ad)

You may have heard about DNA tests for peope. You may have even heard about the Wisdom Panel some years ago. Now Embark has entered the scene. Using 200,000 markers to Wisdom Panel’s 1800, Embark looks at 100 times more genetic information than the Wisdom Panel and for owners of mixed breeds. This not only provides more health information, but it also lowers the change of “unspecified breeds” in the results for mixed breed dogs. Learn more about both tests in buying Dog DNA tests and what to know.

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder (#ad)

Dog steals your cat’s food? Or worried that leaving food around will attract rodents or insects? This somewhat pricey product is worth the price!

Only the specific pet that is allowed access can open the flap to access the food. When the cat moves away the flap closes again. Sound impossible? Think again! We’ve used this and highly recommend it. Price is highish but has a three year guarantee at the time of writing is between $150-250 USD (depending on the product you choose). It works with your pet’s already existing microchip or uses a special tag collar. A god send.


  • Stops other pets from stealing food
  • Keeps rodents out
  • Keeps flies out
  • Keeps food fresher longer
  • Works with your pet’s existing microchip (or you can use a special tag on a collar)

Pet owners often struggle with allowing their cats to eat at a leisurely pace when the dog is around or with dogs stealing their cats food. Solutions have not been ideal from leaving food on a tabletop somewhere to having the cat eat only when the dog eats, to putting the food in a room only the cat can access. Now, it does take a little training for the cat to get used to it, and cats being cats, but once they learn that there is food inside, they get over it pretty quickly. Imagine being able to leave food down for your cat that only the cat can access.

Flirt Pole

Flirt Pole (#Ad)

This may not be new to many dog owners especially if you have read our e-book, but it’s surprising just how many people still don’t know about this amazing tool! Dogs that love to chase love this toy! It’s a perfect way to get a dog to expend a lot of energy in a relatively small area such as a backyard. For high energy dogs, this activity can be just the way to take the edge off before leash walks.

You swing the pole around, and the dog chases the lure. You can swing the pole, or wiggle the pole, make the luer move like a small darting animal and so on. The aim is to make it challenging, but not impossible to catch the lure. The dog must be allowed to catch the lure to maintain a healthy mindset. Once the dog catches the lure you can then play some tug of war and when ready, you can cue the dog to release the toy (usually for a treat).


  • Light weight, easy for handlers to handle and maneuver in different way
  • Great way to condition your dog and let them move at full pace that leash walking doesn’t allow
  • Good environmental enrichment for dogs, promotes physical and mental activity makes use of the natural prey drive
  • Good work out for dogs
  • Can indulge in their prey drive in a non destructive way

SPOT Push N’ Poke Food Dispenser

SPOT Push N’ Poke (#Ad)

Sort of like a popcorn popper or Jack-in-the-box food dispenser for small to medium dogs. Dogs can push it around on the floor (doesn’t work so well on thick carpet). It does not pop out kibble every time it is pushed so this it is a good mental challenge for busy dogs like border collies or food drive dogs. It’s an excellent dourt of environmental enrichment, and slows down eating.

Some dogs may get scared of the popping noise if it’s not properly introduced. The best way is for them to become accustomed to the sound from a distance and pair it with food and gradually bring it closer. Allow them to explore the toy without it popping first and then introduce the sound, and finally pair them together.

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball (#Ad)

If your dog is on the nervous side, this may not be the best toy for them, but if your dog is high energy and likes squeaky toys, this one is great. It requires no batteries or food, but dogs love to pick it up and toss it around.

Like with anything potentially strange or intimidating let your dogs get used the sound from a distance, allow them to explore it safely in your hands, pair treats with the sound initially.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog (#Ad)

This treat dispenser allows you to change the size of the opening of the teat which is important so that you can adjust it according difficulty or what treats you’d like to use on any given day. The bottom is big enough for a full meal.

This toy has a weighted base so it bobs and title around which is different than some of the other treat dispenser toys. It’s erratic movement stimulates your dog’s natural prey drive, too.

Like many other toys, you will need to supervise the play to make sure that your dog doesn’t chew the toy itself.

Comes in large or small.

Automatic tennis ball Launchers

Automatic tennis ball Launcher #Ad

There are a variety of these on the market and some dog owners swear by them. They can be pricey but if your dog is ball obsessed, it just may be the thing for you to give you a break. This one comes with a power adapter so no batteries needed, although does take 8 D size batteries.

You will need to let your dog get used to the sounds and the movement, and . you will undoubtedly need to train your dog how to use it. But it your dog loves to chase, it may not take much!


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