[VIDEO] How to Fit the Gentle Leader Like a Pro

Dig wearing a head collar
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You can buy the Gentle Leader almost anywhere now, including on Amazon. It is often recommended when dealing with or trying to control a lunging, pulling or aggressive dog. See more information on managing an aggressive dog with a head halter.

Yet there are still a few dog owners (even some trainers) who haven’t learned how to fit or introduce the Gentle Leader properly. This problem causes owners to conclude their dogs just don’t like them when they see their dogs to paw or resist them more than they ordinarily would. Unfortunately they are missing out on a really valuable tool.

In addition some owners actually use them incorrectly as well by trying to combine “corrections” (old-school leash jerking) or with “flexi” leashes. This is not fair to the dog. If you have an aggressive dog, you will want them to be as comfortable as possible. Obviously teaching your dog how to walk with a loose leash is the best way to have a dog walk with you, but there are times when you will want the additional safety and control of using a Gentle Leader.

Here are two resource to help you fit and introduce the Gentle Leader to your dog like a pro.


The following video is here so that you can see how it works quickly.  With nervous, anxious, aggressive, or reactive dogs, we highly recommend desensitizing your dog to getting used to have the straps put on and adjusted using the guide above. 

How To Fit In Under Two Minutes

If you are interested in getting a Gentle Leader, you can order Gentle Leader head collars through Amazon. We are an affiliate with Amazon at no cost to you, but we only recommend products that we absolutely believe will help you.

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