Dog aggression management tools

Managing dog aggression so that it doesn’t occur is your first step in controlling it. The best way to manage it, is simply by avoiding the circumstances where the aggression is likely to occur.  However there may be situations where you will want to take preventive measures in case anything happens.

Here we have collected a number of dog aggression management tools that you might find useful.  Disclaimer:  We are proud to be an affiliate of Amazon.  That means we earn a small commission from the products listed here from Amazon should you decide to buy any of them at no expense to you.  This helps us keep our site up and maintained so we can continue to help people help their dogs. We never recommend anything that we don’t believe will be of value to you.

Do not use any remote collars, containment systems or fences that deliver shock and vibrations as this can make aggression  worse.

Head Halters

Gentle Leader Head Halter (view on Amazon)

One of the most useful tools you can have in your tool box.

While they don’t prevent bites, head-halters can provide you with a lot of control even for strong pulling dogs. They are used to both control the head, and if the leash is gentle pulled upwards can close the mouth.

The dog should be desensitized to wearing one. The Gentle Leader is probably the most popular and recommended head halter by certified behaviorists and veterinarians.

There is a fitting guide on the Gentle Leader site that should be heeded, as the fit is very important (see how to fit a gentle leader like a pro).  Haltis (see them on Amazon) are other popular brands – although they all vary slightly in their design. They are like a horse halter that straps around the nose and neck.

With all head-halters, muzzles, and harnesses, using shaping through clicker training can be really helpful to encourage the dog to willingly put their head or legs in and desensitize them to wearing it. Head-halters are not appropriate for every dog or every situation.

Basket Muzzles

Product Details

Basket Muzzles  (view on Amazon)

Muzzles can prevent biting.  There are a number of different muzzles that can be purchased and what you choose may depend on the durability as well as the right fit.  A muzzle should be used for a safety device only and should not be worn for long period of time. It should not replace avoiding the situations that cause your dog to behave aggressively.

But if you are in a situation where you can’t control exposure, safety should be your number one aim. Muzzles tend to alarm other people and that can work both against you and for you. It may also help to keep people away.

You will want to find a brand that fits your dog’s muzzle.  Keep in mind that dogs can still cause damage even with muzzles on.

Read more on controlling and finding the right basket muzzle for your biting dog.


Metal dog gates on Amazon

Gates can be used to separate dogs from other dogs or people inside the home. It is important to use a gate that is

  • Metal (dogs can destroy wood and plastic easily)
  • Fixed to the wall.
  • High enough that the dog can’t jump it

Many people use baby gates, but caution should be exercised since many gates can be jumped over or destroyed. Your dog may not be accustomed to jumping gates, but if motivated enough, they may try it.

This also allows the dog to be able to see you so they don’t feel as socially isolated. However, if you are separating dogs that are aggressive towards each other, simply throwing a blanket over it may prevent them from feeling they need to keep a watchful eye on what is on the other side.

Window Blocks

Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Window Film- 3 ft x 6.5 ft- White (view on Amazon)

Window clings or film are sheets of plastic that let in light, but provide privacy. Some are simply applied by using water and a flat plastic surface to smooth out the bubbles, which make them easy to apply and remove. This can be useful for those dogs who bark a lot and/or tend to be hyper vigilant with whatever may be going on outside, from people walking by to the wind blowing around debris.

Word of caution however, restricting the ability to see outside may be also restricting some important stimulation for those dogs. Those dogs who are left home alone during the work day and do not get that worked up by what may be outside may benefit be seeing outside.

You need to use your best judgment. The important consideration is to what degree your dog is able to relax. Some dogs can never relax knowing there may be something outside. For those dogs who find it challenging to relax, or who tend to bark incessantly at everything that goes by or when the wind blows, it may be of some help. Search online to find them in your area.

Drag Lines

Product Details

Drag Lines  (view on Amazon)

Drag lines are essential lightweight leashes with no handle that can be dragged around by your pet. It allows them to range free, but gives you the opportunity of picking up the leash. This is handy for dogs that are aggressive towards their owners as it helps you to guide your dog away if need be without getting your hands close to their mouth. You can find draglines in a variety of places, but you can also purchase a lightweight cat leash and cut the handle. You don’t want a handle getting snagged on your furniture.

 Citronella Spray

Petsafe Sprayshield Animal Deterrent Spray on

Used to be called Direct Stop, but is now called Spray Shield Animal Deterrent Spray. Currently out of stock on but may be found on as of our last update (Mar 2023). You might also be able to find it in your local pet store.

Hopefully you will never have to use this, but sometimes you will want to keep an off leash dog from approaching yours if your dog is aggressive, or interrupt a pending dog fight. It does not cause pain, but dogs don’t like the smell.

It should not be used on your own dog.

Break Stick

Break Sticks – find on Amazon

Sounds worse than they are, but this can be slid in the gap behind the teeth to pry open a dog’s jaws that may be holding on very tightly without breaking the dog’s teeth. Generally they are used with breeds whose bite style is to bite and hold opposed to multiple biting. Those breeds that are not likely to hold, may turn and bite you if you use a break stick. Hopefully, you will never need to use one of these.

Snarum Noose

Snarum Pet Capture Noose

Snarem Noose  (find on Amazon)

These can be harmful if not used correctly, but this tool will allow you to catch a dog without getting your hands too close to their mouth.


Animal Handling Gloves Bite Proof Kevlar Reinforced Leather

If you work in rescue, or you are working on behavior modification with food aggression, reaching for a collar, etc. these gloves can protect you from s harmful bite/

If you are breaking up a dogfight, then you probably won’t have time to put these on, but someone might.

You can purchase different sleeves and gloves to protect your hands when dealing with biting and scratching at Amazon.


Dog Training: Keep Away Sweatshirt for dog trainers

One of the challenges dog owners face is keeping people and their dogs away from their own when they are working with them.  This shirt uses a universal stop sign that people instantly understand placed where most people are focusing – on the dog.  The symbol has been kid tested so we know that adults will get it more quickly as well.  If people know to avoid your dog or keep their dog away from yours it may help avoid stressing your dog.

In addition we also have a number of other designs that may be useful to you.

These series of leashes can help warn people in advance about your dog’s nature. Although it does depend on people understanding what the colour mea, and/or reading them, you may find it still helpful as one more warning system. Again, if people know to avoid your dog or keep their dog away from yours it may help avoid stressing your dog.

“CAUTION” Red Color Coded 6 Foot Dog Leash

“NO DOGS” Orange Color Coded Nylon 4 Foot Dog Leash

“NERVOUS” Yellow Color Coded Dog Leash

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